Wanho Industries Electrical Solution

Mechanical Electrical Consultancy

We were presented with a problem PT Wanho Industries faced which is the sudden blackout from PLN which caused PT Wanho Industries inability to execute normal shut down procedures. This problem is causing them significant losses in productivity and raw materials. In order to overcome the problem, PT. Wanho Industries engaged with Sejati Teknik and Powerindo to provide electrical solution by installing Uninterruptible PowerSupply (UPS) along with Incoming and Outgoing LVMDP Panels. Furthermore, we provide 1x 800 kVA Diesel Generator as a secondary backup.

We have also explored the options of adding solar panels and battery array to their plant to mitigate this production problem, while it could eventually be a good solution, currently, this solution takes time to be implemented.

We also surveyed their legacy electrical infrastructure and recommended re-grounding their electrical house, as the old grounding was showing its age and becoming a work hazard.